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Reorganize Your Decor

Posted on June 25 2020

Reorganize Your Decor

We have all been looking at the same four walls much more than usual over the last few months.  I’m sure by this point many of you have painted walls and rearranged furniture in your living spaces.  What about the shelving units?  We tend to fill them when we move in then forget them, or if you are like me you add to them when you acquire something new. 

When you are ready for a change of scenery follow these simple tips to make it as painless as possible and to achieve a great look when you are finished. 

Step one, take everything off the shelves and clean everything thoroughly.  Now might be a good time to consider painting the shelves and wall if they are painted.  Keep in mind that the elements on the shelves are going to be your focal point so keep the paint color simple.  Simple doesn’t always mean white or cream. 

Now that you have a clean slate, let’s start organizing.  Decide what you want to keep, what you want to relocate to another space, what you might want to store and what you might want to donate.  Don’t get in a hurry to pack things away as you might change your mind along the way and realize that picture frame would be perfect with the new design.

Next, go shopping. . . yes you are trying to pare down but sometimes you need to add new elements in with the existing elements.  Possibly an aluminum giraffe, a ceramic pineapple (the symbol of hospitality) or maybe even a new photo frame or two. 

Starting with the larger items, place them randomly throughout the shelves.  My personal shelves are taller at the top and bottom, shorter between the middle shelves.  That means taller items have to go on the top and bottom shelves. 

Next move to the books.  You can arrange the books by type, such as all home improvement books together, or mix and match, it’s up to you really.  Create stacks, stand some with the binding facing the room, and stand some with more interesting covers along the back of the shelf.  Books become a base for the design.  Even a stacking stone or pedestal for other elements. 

Photo frames would be a logical progression for returning items to the shelves.  Now would be a good time to update some of the photos.  Perhaps your photo frames need updating.  Choose a colorful frame with magnets to hold the photos for easy photo swaps in the future. 

Now look through your keep pile and start replacing items on the shelves however they look best to you.  Remember, you will be the one looking at the shelves on a daily basis. Leave plenty of empty space to avoid overcrowding.  Integrate a variety of types of items and textures.  Glass, wood, metal, and items from nature add texture.  Candles, vases, figurines and special keepsakes keep the design full of life. 

Wood carved florals are a great finishing touch to any space and can add a splash of color.  The texture softens the design.  

Take your time but don’t overthink it.  If it’s not right you can always make adjustments.  You may have items left over in your keep pile.  That’s fine.  Add them to the save pile and use them next time or if you want to see it every day swap it for something you already placed in the design. 

Keep in mind you want a variety of heights on each shelf.  Also, it’s makes for a better design if several small things are grouped together acting as one item.  Having an odd number of items helps to create a cohesive design. 

Now that the shelves are ‘restocked’ sit back, relax and enjoy the new view.  Shop for great accessories for any space. 


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